Lovage Cured Fillet of Loch Duart Salmon, Sea Herbs, Samphire, Pickled Cucumber & Attilus Royal Oscietra Caviar


Recipe serves 1
Ingredients for the Salmon and Cure:
Side of line caught Loch Duart Salmon 1
Salt 250g
Sugar 1 star anise 250g
Lemon zest 100g
Whole white peppercorns 100g lovage leaf and stalks 5g
For the Onion Crisp:
Feuille de Bric pastry
Free range egg yolk
Tsp. onion seeds
For the Lovage Oil:
Blanched lovage leaves 100g
Extra virgin olive oil 150g
Sunflower oil 150g
Lovage Emulsion:
Egg yolks 2
Dijon mustard 1 Tsp.
Cider vinegar Seasoning 1 Tbsp.


For the cure:

1.In a food processor, add all of the ingredients for the cure and blitz together.

2.Place the fish on a flat tray using greaseproof paper and cover the sides of fish with the cure.

3.Massage the cure into both sides and cover with a second sheet of greaseproof before using asecond weighted tray on top to press it together. Refrigerate overnight.

4.The following day, wash off the cure under cold water.

5.Pat both sides down using a cloth to rid ofany excess water and to ensure the fish is as dry as possible.

For the Onion Crisp:

6.Separate one sheet of the Bric pastry and lightly egg wash using a brush.

7.Sprinkle the top with the onion seeds and place on a baking tray.

8.Bake in the oven on 190 degrees for 2-3 minutes, (ensure that the fan is switched off).

9.When ready remove from the oven, leave on a cooling rack to cool down, and break it into shardsready for garnishing the dish.This will add some savoury notes as well as some crunch to this lovely recipe.

For the Lovage Oil:

10.Blanch the lovage leaves in boiling water add the oils, and liquidise using a hand blender beforepassing through a muslin cloth.

11.This will create a beautifully clear lovage scented oil to be able to make the lovage emulsion.

Lovage Emulsion:

12.In a food processor, add the egg yolks, mustard, and vinegar

13.Using a jug, gradually add the pre-prepared lovage oil until it thickens and continue to add untilyou reach the desired consistency.

14.Be careful not to split the sauce. Taste before you add the seasoning but keep in mind that the salmon has already been cured and therefore has a salty taste.

15.For the Salad consisting of a general mix of the following leaves (Oyster leaf, flower Samphire, Sea purslane, Bronze fennel).

16.Pick and wash all of the various leaves and sea herbs, ensuring that they are fresh.

17.Peeled, deseeded cubes of cucumber placed in a good quality Chardonnay vinegar and seasonin.

18.Arrange salad around the cubes of salmon and shards of the onion crisp, before finishing with the lovage emulsion.

19.Finish off by adding Attilus Oscietra Caviar on top of each cube of salmon for a stunning dish.

Chef Paul Askew

Paul Is originally from Sunderland, and moved to Liverpool when he was four years old. His father was a merchant navy sea captain and Paul ended up having eight different schools and 14 different homes by the time he was 20.

From the age of 12 Paul found himself living in Dubai and being shown how to cook by an Indian chef that worked with his father, he then moved to Singapore, and realised he wanted to be involved in food and drink as the produce was incredible.

When he returned to the UK, he took a job at Thornton Hall on the Wirral as a kitchen porter because he wanted to see what kitchen life was all about and naturally fell in love with the kitchen!. The rest as they say is history.

Today Paul is the Chef Patron of the multi award winning ”The Art School Restaurant “ and proudly champions North West food and ingredients . He is the winner of Visit England.

Excellence Taste of England Award 2017 and has been listed in the Sunday Times top 100 restaurants .

Paul is chair of the Northern Branch of the Academy of Culinary Arts as well as Chair of the Liverpool restaurant Association , in addition to this he appeared on Saturday morning Kitchen as well as the ever popular “Great British Menu” TV series.

Paul recently launched a cookbook entitled “Onwards and Upwards”, that showcases the fine flavours through the seasons and a celebration of great produce whipped up by this sparkling culinary talent. The book features 40 dishes from the Art School Restaurant that are bound to delight.

Here is one of Pauls recipes to give you a taste!

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